A downloadable AR card game for Android

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Age 7+ / 20 Minutes / 2-5 Players / Augmented Reality

This purchase includes a PDF version of the game only and an Android APK app, game playable without phone

Stribe: A Duel Card-Game fusing augmented reality, hand-drawn 2D animations and thrilling gameplay!

To save Stribe's world from the devil Namor, the tribes have designated you as their champion. Fight your opponents with the help of sidekicks coming from 5 different tribes. Come and discover the powers of each tribes!

Get ready to take control of the 5 tribes in Stribe! Combine them and use their unique powers to crush your enemies. But be warned, you'll need to use your cards wisely if you want to be the last one standing. With Stribe App's Augmented Reality, you'll dive right into the Stribe universe and see your cards come to life as they fight for you. 

What’s Does the purchase include?

  • Stribe Cards (x42)
  • PDF Rule Booklet
  • Android apk application (not available for IOS or other)
  • PDF Artbook of the making of Stribe
  • PDF special prints of Stribe's world

What Supplies will You Need?

  • Ink Printer (x1)
  • Printer Paper (x12)
  • Scissors (x1)
  • Android phone (x1, optional) 

In Stribe, you win the game by eliminating all your opponents, bringing their health counter down to 0. To do this, you'll need to use powerful combinations and come up with a strategy.

Depending on the number of players, Stribe can be played as a team game or a one-for-all. Players start with 5 cards in their hand and 24 health points. One after another, players draw two cards, placing the first in their hand and the second on the table. They then combine a card from their hand with the one on the table, and the two cards merge to create a character with unique powers and effects. The order in which the cards are placed affects the resulting power, and players can use the Stribe App to easily know the effect of the combination.


  • Do we need a smartphone to play Stribe?
    • No! We highly recommend you to play with the Stribe App, but you can also use the 8 rule cards to guide you through the adventure.

  • What kind of phone do I need to play with the Stribe App?
    • Because the Stribe App uses Augmented Reality, we can not guarantee that it will work on all devices. However, a recent Android device should be able to handle it. It is only supported on Android at the moment.

  • Do I need internet to use the Stribe App?
    • No! Though an internet connection is needed to download and install the App, when in game the Stribe App doesn't use internet.

  • What are the supported langages?
    • For now, Stribe print&play is available in English and the Stribe app is in English & French.


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

In order to download this AR card game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $5 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Stribe - Artbook.pdf 13 MB
Stribe - Cards BW.pdf 2.2 MB
Stribe - Cards Color.pdf 2.3 MB
Stribe - GameRules BW.pdf 1.1 MB
Stribe - GameRules Color.pdf 1.3 MB
Stribe - Prints.pdf 1.2 MB
Stribe.apk 61 MB
Stribe - CardBack BW.pdf 388 kB
Stribe - CardBack Color.pdf 322 kB


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when I can play it on IOS??

Hey Im just wondering I live in the UK is it possible to buy in great British pounds

hey Fart mcdouble (lovely x) ), i think you can, your transaction will just be converted, no?


Thanks for letting me know I also love your vids on yt 

Hey i have a question, is there any way that i can share the app with my friends or do they all have to buy the game in order to get the app? and i also meant to ask if its possible to print more cards to play the game with more people or is the game not designed for that?

Hey Maonatsu, they don't have to buy a copy of the game, you can send them the apk, however if multiple people are going to play separately, in order to fully support me its always nice to buy a copy.
Regarding the printing of more cards, feel free to try it out! the app supports only up to 5 players, but you can maybe find a new exciting way to play Stribe!

thank you very much. Ofc my group would love to support you more, it was just to check if i would be allowed to share the app hahah. Im gonna try out playing with more people with perhaps a team variant to see if it works but lets see hhaah thank you again for the amazing game and really incredible art and ideas, hope to see other projects like this :D

Hello, this is Murilo from Brazil.
Have you ever thought about translating the game into Brazilian Portuguese?
I believe there is market potential for you here!
I can translate.

Hey Murilo, translation in any langage is not planned at the moment, thanks for the interest though!

can you guys can post a video sample of players playing the game? So we have more of a clue of the paste and tactics of the game.

It's not planned to create this kind of content at the moment, feel free to check out the youtube video explaining the creation process of the game, that might give you a small idea of the game.

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I love the game and the creativity!

I red in the game instructions that the app is also for ios.

Will it come for apple users or is it a mistake?

Its indeed a mistake, as i am not publishing the app on any store (play nor ios), so the only way of accessing the app at the moment is through the provided apk, sorry for the confusion!

Oh, ok.


Is there an already printed out card version? That is available on Amazon?

The game has been printed during a crowdfunding, but never re-printed, the only way to get the game now is through this itch print & play release.

Hi tried downloading this app but came up with an error message. Does the app not work for google pixel?

this is strange, can you provide me with the error message?

I just bought the game and also couldn't install on my Pixel 7a (Android 14) unfortunately. Error message (in french): "L'application n'a pas été installée, car elle est incompatible avec votre téléphone". I did find this: https://www.frandroid.com/marques/google/1506912_les-pixel-7-et-7-pro-ne-peuvent... saying Google disabled 32-bit apps for the Pixels. Is this the case for this app?

Sorry about that, feel free to request a refund if you have that problem 

Oh no don't worry it's not about the money at all given the price. Just to see if you (or your dev probably) could fix this (could be as simple as a change in build settings I guess ?)! Amazing work in any case.

"app not installed as app isnt comparable with your phone" was the last message I got using an apk ap.

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youtube brought me here. will save this for later. I love drawing weird stuff myself and I love Boardgames (specially deckbuilders and battlers) so this made me very happy. Stay creative 🥷(why the ninja emoji you ask? YES!)
Edit: Rip I only have iOS


Amazing game thank you, is there an art for the back of the cards? I didn't find any in my purchase

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 i didn't include any card back, for the sake of ink saving, but would you need them still? :)

yeah I would love to, thanks ♥️

done! feel free to reach out again, thanks for playing!!


Very cool idea and I love the artwork!

Thank you so much for the support Cortok!